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Kiss-N-Go Zone


Kiss-and-Go Zone (Parking Lot Pick-up and Drop-off) 

The Kiss-and-Go Zone and parking lot  is at the front of the building, with access on the south end of the lot from 86th Ave SE.  (NOTE: The bus lot at the rear of the school cannot be used for parent drop-off or pick-up).  We highly recommend parents take the clockwise route around the North Mercer Complex block (shown below) to facilitate a smooth process.  There is a car queuing lane northbound on 86th Ave SE to access the Northwood lot. There is not a queuing land southbound, making access from that direction challenging. 

Our Kiss-and-Go Zone can accommodate an efficient drop-off and pick up process if all parents and students follow these guidelines.

  • Use the school bus or walk whenever possible.
  • Never leave your vehicle at the curb, even for “a minute.”
  • Use the inside curb lane for picking up or dropping off your children. Do not allow your children to walk across the lot to find you.
  • Children should enter/exit cars on the curbside for safety.
  • As you enter the lot, pull up as far as you can before stopping to drop off or pick up your child. 
  • Be ready.  Please have backpacks ready, coats on, breakfast eaten BEFORE you enter the drop-off line so your child is ready to “Kiss-and-Go” when you stop the car.
  • Please exercise patience at all times.
  • Refrain from cell phone use while operating your vehicle in the parking lot.
  • If your child care provider or other family member will be dropping off or picking up your children, it is your responsibility to make sure that those designated persons are also familiar with the policies and routines. 
  • If you need to park, please use a designated parking spot, get out of your car, use the crosswalk to meet your children, and use the crosswalk to escort them back to your car.
  • Please do not use the parking area as a secondary “pick-up lane”.  Children will not be allowed to cross from the curb to get to your car in that area of the lot.  Please only use the designated pick-up loop.  See image (above right) and follow black arrows.
  • There are parking lot “attendants” present at the drop off and pick up.  Their primary responsibility is student safety.
  • The parking lot layout can be busy and confusing. Our goal is to get the children to school safely and keep the cars moving. Please follow the parking attendants directions when in the parking lot.