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Northwood 1st Graders Explore Outer Space Courtesy of Mercer Island Schools Foundation

Northwood 1st Graders Explore Outer Space Courtesy of Mercer Island Schools Foundation
MISD Communications
A photo of the earth taken from the moon

Mercer Island, WA, April 18, 2024 – On April 2, first graders at Northwood Elementary had an out of this world experience when the Museum of Flight’s portable planetarium visited the school through a grant from the Mercer Island Schools Foundation.

The Museum of Flight set up their portable planetarium in the Northwood gym and showed students the difference between the moon and the earth in an engaging, student friendly way.

“Our first graders’ understanding and fascination with astronomy and space was enhanced in an immersive learning experience,” said Northwood first grade teacher Katie Gallagher.

The program at the Museum of Flight emphasizes interactivity, allowing young learners to actively engage with the content. Interactive sessions foster curiosity and a sense of wonder, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

“A tailored approach from the Museum guaranteed our first-grade students would be fully captivated and inspired by the wonders of space,” continued Gallagher.

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation (MISF) is a 501(c)(3) public service, non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing and improving the quality of education provided to ALL Mercer Island School District students by obtaining contributions for the public schools.

Started in 1981, the Foundation has raised over $27 million thanks to the generous community.

Since its founding, the Foundation has become the catalyst for the Mercer Island community to guarantee every teacher has access to the most up-to-date, innovative educational materials that guarantee exceptional teaching and learning experiences for every student.

The tremendous success of the organization lies in the simple fact that the Mercer Island Schools Foundation was born in a community that places value on quality education. Learn more about the impact of our community’s commitment to education.

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